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We recently obtained our new Ragdoll we named "Coho" from Connie and Robert Walter of Sweetheaven Ragdolls.  We just could not be happier!  Coho is a healthy, wonderfully friendly kitten who kisses us "good morning", plays energetically during the day, and then sleeps the night through next to our heads, often purring contentedly.  He is amazingly social around strangers, and possesses a curiosity that consistently makes us laugh.

We absolutely loved working with Connie and Robert Walter.  They provide a loving environment for their kittens, have exceptional knowledge about this lovable breed, and encouraged us to visit Coho as often as we wanted until he was at the proper age to be separated from his mother and siblings.  In general, they were wonderfully supportive to us and no request to visit was ever denied, no question was unanswered.  It is obvious from the time you enter their home that the cats and kittens are truly treasured and they are not just "breeders" but passionate about the Ragdolls. 

We highly recommend Connie and Robert Walter to anyone seeking professional, caring, experienced breeders.  When we took Coho to his first veternarian appointment for his check-up, the vet said he is "phenomonal" and the kitten people dream about finding!  We found our new" furever" best friend at Sweetheaven.
Beverly and Cress Bernard
La Jolla, California
April 28, 2006

Sweetheaven Coho
April 16. 2006  
Sire: SGC Bragdolls Harley of Echoglen - Dam: Echoglen Dream Catcher

June 18, 2006

1 year old

They are doing great! They never got scared- they made the transition very well. One of them ( we named him Jake) likes to sleep right next to me - and the other (Garret) likes to sleep under our bed. They play with each other all the time- and love all the cat toys. They like to be around us- whatever room we are in they are in- and like to be involved in all the action. Jake is super affectionate and would let me hold him all day long- he esp likes to be held when I am doing something- like making dinner!

We are enjoying them a ton. They are so funny with Kristen too- as she thinks they are little people. It is so funny to see her "talk" to them. She tried to feed them her cereal the other day and give them her sippy cup. Needless to say- they weren't interested.


May 12, 2006

In searching for a kitten, I never imagined that I would have such an incredible experience as when I came to meet Connie & Bob. Their level of expertise and extensive knowledge of the ragdoll breed is a perfect reflection of the care that they provide for their kittens and cats. I went with the intention of purchasing one, and left with two little bundles of joy! Their playful demeanor and personalities are everything I could have hoped to find in lifelong pets. I couldn't have imagined going anywhere else - and would recommend them (as well as their cats!!!) to anybody seeking to add to their family.


May 15, 2006

Hi Connie,
KC is doing great! He is the sweetest most loving little guy and he is very healthy. We are very happy!
June 14, 2006

What can I say about Sweetheaven Ragdolls. I can tell you the name says it for you, Sweetheaven. I spent alot of time talking to Connie by email about Ragdolls and what I was looking for in a kitten for me and my family. In making the trip to Ramona I couldn't wait to see the kitten she said would be perfect for me. He had what she called Personality Plus. She greeted me with a warm heart and a smile and welcomed me into her cattery. I couldn't get past the door way without having to lean down and pet the welcoming party which were Ragdolls of different colors. I could tell off the back these cats were loved by her and well cared for the affection they showed. Not to mention, how healthy they were in size. All of them seemed to be in your face cats, which I love. Now meeting Owen was wonderful. I have been told a true Ragdoll flops in your arms and so he did right along with a very loud purrrrr and totally in your face. I spent more than 2 hours talking to Connie and getting acquainted with Owen. He was the kitten for me. In traveling home he purred most the way not stressing at all about the ride home. Wondering how he would take to the dogs at home was yet to be seen. Well to our surprise Owen thought the dogs were his brothers he even licked their faces. Since Owen has been with us he has become the attraction around the house. Loves water, even tries to jump in the toilet when it flushes, loves to walk in the shower when you are in it. He plays hide and seek and loves games of chase though out the house. He will sneak up on you and grab you leg and hug you without the nails. He also talks to you. The reading I have done mentions they are not good talkers. Well, I think Owen has proved them wrong. He sleeps on my pillow at night and follows me everywhere just like a little kid. He doesn't like being left out of anything and that's how we like it. He is adored by our family and friends. I talk with Connie by email almost daily and send pictures. I not only have a wonderful Ragdoll kitten, also a new friend.

Thank you, Your Ragdoll friend
Tammy and Owen
June 1, 2006

June 13, 2006"
Peek-a-Boo"Sweetheaven Totally Rags (Owen) Sire: Ch. Echoglen Limited Edition Dam: Echoglen Dancing on Blue Clouds

June 24, 2006
"Such a beautiful day"

Sunday, July 02,2006


SWEETHEAVEN RAGDOLLS have a wonderful breeding program.

Connie and Robert are very knowledeable and loving in the care and attention their Ragdoll receive. We purchased a Ragdoll kitten on May 6, 2006. We were so impressed with the Sweetheaven facilities. 

Marilyn & Ron Hall

My granddaughter's 9th birthday was fast approaching and her family decided to grant her wish for a cat of her own.
Sierra is a very active, sweet and empathic child who loves animals. We were hoping to find a cat who needed a good home as our family is involved in Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue. We felt that if we could find an adult cat who needed a good home that we would prefer that route to buying a kitten.

Connie and Robert Walter of Sweetheaven Ragdolls had the perfect cat for Sierra. Her name is Sangria and she is a Blue Colorpoint. Connie was kind enough to give us all the information we needed regarding Ragdolls and trusted us with this precious girl. My granddaughter says that Sangria is the cat she had always dreamed of having and they have developed a very sweet bond.

The ease with which Sangria settled into our busy household was amazing to us. We are all so impressed with her socialization skills and her sweet nature. Sangria is almost 3 yrs. old and that has been an advantage for us. The training is done for us and Sangria is confident, stable in mind and body and so lovable that she is a joy to be around.

We are extremely grateful to Robert and Connie Walter for trusting us to provide a good home for one of their precious Ragdolls. This is definately a "dream cat".

Gratefully yours,

Alan & Virginia Ream, Grandparents
Scott & Stacy Morser, Parents
Sierra and Kylee Morser, Children of Scott & Stacy
July 12,2006

July 7, 2006
"Love at first sight" Cherrytree Sangria Winey
Sire: Ragdolland Baileys Irish Cream - Dam: Apurring's Cabernet Rouge


Dear Connie and Dear Bob,
Sangria  is so cute and she likes to rub my face and purr. She is not scared when I hold her and pet her. She is a perfect cat for me. This is the cat I wanted to have and she is so nice. Her eyes talk to me and she is saying that she is very happy too.
Thank you for giving Sangria to me and I promise to take really good care of her forever. She is a real good girl and a sweetie.
My Dad says there are too many girls for him so why did I get a girl cat. I told him she was the best cat for me and he said that was a real good reason. We can talk to my Dad and send computer pictures with a camera. My Dad is in Korea and is in the Army. My Dad was not here for my Birthday and I was kind of sad and I miss him. I am so happy now and my Dad said Sannie is a pretty cat for a pretty girl. My Dad is silly but he likes any animal and he will like Sangria when he comes home. My dog Max likes Sangria and he really likes her food but we don't let him have any. He just can smell it and wants to have some.
Thank you for letting me have Sangria. I love her very much.
Sierra Morser
Granddaughter's email

Dear Connie,

The purpose of this note is to tell you how pleased I am with my Ragdoll kitten. I have had Mitsi for almost a month, and she is a terrific kitten. She is brave, fun, adventuresome; but also loving, sweet and very friendly. She came to me perfectly potty trained; she never has had an accident. Mitsi adapted very quickly to her new home; she was friendly from day one. Part of her charm is the nature of the breed, but part is due to how much you cared for her during her first few months of life.

As you know, I was not particularly familiar with cats when I first spoke with you; I have only had dogs in the past. You spent countless hours answering my emails, to give me advice and support, and to help me decide if a cat would be a good companion for me. Further, you listened to what I wanted in a cat, and selected a kitten you felt would give me the combination of fun and sweetness that would be best. Mitsi is full of love, she kisses and hugs and cuddles, but she is not a namby-pamby cat, she has a definite devil streak in her which makes her interesting and a lot of fun. She is now climbing on everything, and is not afraid of anything. But, when I call her name, she always comes running, like a puppy. In fact, her favorite game is to play “fetch”, where I throw a little ball and she runs, grabs it, maybe bats it around a bit with her paws, but then always brings it back to me and hands it over. I’ve not seen too many dogs that play fetch as well as this cat. She is very smart, which speaks to the level of challenge and attention she was given when she was a baby kitten.

Mitsi also likes to go out, and took immediately to a harness and leash, which no one can believe. If I take her to a store she allows perfect strangers to handle her, which I gather is unusual for a cat, opposed to a dog. I work during the day, and keep her in her cage; she is always peaceful when I get home, happy to see me, but not crazy anxious to leave her cage. After the first week or so, I only close her cage when I leave the house; otherwise the door is always open. She loves to sleep in my bed, and usually is pretty good about letting me sleep. She is a good eater, and is growing nicely. You showed your concern for the cat’s health by specifying the exact food she should eat, and gave me detailed instructions on how to feed and care for her. You also showed tremendous integrity early in our relationship, where there was a problem with email, and you sold a different kitten I had wanted; you then held Mitsi for me with no deposit or anything other than my word I would buy her.

I would recommend Ragdolls highly as a breed of cat, they are wonderful animals, and I certainly would recommend Connie as a breeder of Ragdolls. Mitsi is a beautiful cat, with mitted paws, and her “seal” (gray/brown) coat is absolutely lush and coming into its color nicely now. You clearly love all your animals, and they leave your home well adjusted and ready to move on to their new owners.

Thank you,
Nathan Auslander
July 23, 2006

Sweetheaven Mitsi 

We were so fortunate to find Connie and Robert Walter and Sweetheaven Ragdolls. My husband and I were looking to adopt a retired male, Ragdoll and happened upon their Website. I was very impressed with their love of Ragdolls as well as their other animals. Their number one priority is to make sure their Ragdolls are loved and well adjusted. We could see this when we visited their cattery. We fell in love with two "huge" brothers and knew they were going to steal our hearts. Connie and Robert were wonderful, letting us spend time to get to know Heineken and Milwaukee. Connie is very knowledgeable and supplied all the information we needed to make a smooth transition for the "boys". If you are interested in the Ragdoll breed I would highly recommend bringing a Sweetheaven Ragdoll into your home. We couldn't be happier with these magnificent sweet boys and with the support we received from Connie and Robert. We will recommend them to all our friends and family."

Wendy Tobiska

Feb.17, 2007

Heineken & Milwaukee

 Lexus is doing great. She is very happy. I love her. She is the best cat I've ever had. She is very well behaved. I have no problems with her.

Thank you,
Alicia Pranther
June 14. 07

Running River (Lexus)

June, 2007
This is a letter of recommendation for the Sweetheaven Cattery and the owners Connie and Robert Water.
My husband and I met Connie and Robert for the first time this June. 2007 as we wanted to see the kittens who were nearly ready for adoption. We had lost our pet cat after 18 years and were fairly certain that we wanted a Ragdoll kitten to join our family. I researched catteries in the San Diego area and just had a "feeling" that Sweetheaven was the one for us.
We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the cattery and the large amount of room the cats enjoyed here. Connie and Robert were personable and gracious and spent a lot of time with us showing the kittens and discussing the care, personalities and specialties of the Ragdoll. We met 4 confident, playful kittens and were amazed at how social they were; accepting strangers with no fear at all. Although we initially went just to "look", it was quickly apparent that we would be adopting one. Selecting the one we wanted was a bigger problem than we had anticipated since all the kittens were so very special. At that point my husband said, "We have two laps so we should have two cats". I was overjoyed so we did select two: one seal mitted and one blue mitted.
Our new babies have delighted us in every way. They have shown no fear or reticence with their new home. We love them already and we have only had them slightly more than 1 week. They are well-trained to the litter-box, they are loving, beautiful and very smart. We are especially glad that we got two sisters as they play together, cuddle together and it is apparent that they love being together.
We have the utmost confidence in Sweetheaven cattery. I know that Connie and Robert maintain the highest ethics as breeders. Rather than "mass produce" kittens, they prefer to have a smaller number of very-high quality litters. They care completely about the health of all the kittens that they send out to new homes and they want to ensure that the kittens are well socialized and confident as well.
I would be happy to discuss this cattery, as well as Connie and Robert, with any prospective new "parent" and can be contacted at: jtin@cox.net.
Judy and Tony Trinkle

Sweetheaven Spice and Sweetheaven Sugar

KC is doing great and is a real sweetheart.  He is absolutely beautiful
and we have enjoyed every minute with him needless to say he gets alot
of attention.  He went in for his check up and he is in excellent health.
Kathy Price

The Guy Family Testimonial:
Where to start? I know that I am leaving a lot out because there is so much to say!!! I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Connie and Robert!! Their knowledge of ragdolls, and concern for their cats is awesome, you know they really care about and love their precious kitties, and are not "just breeders"! They welcomed our family of 6 into their home with opened arms. They let our children interact & play with their kitties, & the thing that impressed us the most is how social each of these cats were and how tolerant each of them are. The cattery was very clean, and the cats were very well taken care of and all of them were healthy.  It is a happy home and a wonderful environment for the cats.  Then, it was time for us to see our precious angel, and it was love at first sight! Connie and Robert were very informative about the care of, and different behaviors unique to ragdolls, and believe me, they really know their cats!!  We have since brought our beautiful girl home, and everyday she does something Connie and Robert said she would!! She is a precious addition to our family and makes us laugh...she truly is like a toddler! When we are ready to add another to our family, we will definitely come back to Sweetheaven!!
Dulice Guy

Sweetheaven Raggedy Aphrodite

Website: http://www.castster.com/cats1613411
Family web site: www.easysite.com/guyfamily
Look for Sweetheaven Raggedy Aphrodite
 I want to thank you for making my purchase of one of your Ragdolls a very rewarding experience. You and Robert were very professional and informative. I had all my questions answered and I felt very comfortable making this choice.
Chloe fits in to our family unit in a wonderful way. She is very sweet and social. She is healthly and extremely active. She interacts with our puppies and they get along well.
I am pleased that I found your website and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a special kitten.
Thanks again,
Tamara Estes (Las Vegas, Nevada)
August  26, 2007

Sweetheaven Chloe 

I can't recommend Sweethaven Ragdolls highly enough.  The minute I saw my precious "Angel" and her sister I was struck with how exceptional these kittens were. They were strong, healthy, happy, playful, and confident.  Robust in every sense of the word and a cut above other very nice kittens I had seen.  The quality of the breeding, care and love were evident.  I have had Angel close to two months and she just keeps unfolding into a more and more loving, playful and intelligent companion.  She loves to play hide seek, peek-a-boo, and a bunch of other games we've invented.  She's always changing things things up and making the games more complex and fun. When I'm working on my computer she lays on the bed beside me, on her back with her tummy exposed and her feet in the air.  What a character!  We always have her toys within reach and she brings me a favorite toy when she wants to play with that one.  My house looks like a toddler lives here and thats just the way we like it. She goes with me from room to room and lets me do just about anything.  She quickly caught on to harness training and we're half way through toilet training...so far so good.  She makes me laugh out loud and smile continually. She has a wonderful spirit and personality, loves to please and is a curious, playful young girl.
Connie and Robert have been very available to answer any questions and are a wealth of information.  I know that any question or need that might arise, I can count on their knowledge and expertise. They sent Angel and me home with a wonderful packet of starter samples, feeding and routine care info, pedigree history, a health record. and more.  Connie recommended a local vet who was very familiar with the Walters, Sweethaven and the quality of Shelby's kittens.  One staff commented that "Connie is one breeder who does things right for her cats and kittens."  I have found this to be true also and would highly recommend this cattery.
I'm thrilled with my healthy, happy and loving Angel,
Cheryl Miller
September 2007

Hi Connie, 
March 1, 2008
I wanted to write to you and let you know what a wonderful kitten that I have aquired from you, by the name of Sweetheaven Maverick of Furreal.  He is so sweet and gentle and yet at the same time fearless.   He acts as if he had been born in our home and been here all the time.  He is also a very health kitten which is of the
most importance to me and my own breeding program.
Everything concerning our visit in my picking up Maverick was dealt with in a professional manner.  I received all my paper work that I needed and even all the EXTRA gifts that went home with me were a plus. 
It has been just a pleasure for me and pray that in the future we will once again be able to exchange a kitten again whether it be a kitten for you or one for me.
God Bless You, My Dear Friend,
Mary G. Riddell
Fur-Real Ragdolls

March 11, 2008
Thanks for checking up!

Little Benny has been the most delightful kitten I could ever imagine. He is so affectionate when I first wake up in the morning as well as when I return home, escorting me around the house and constantly looking up at me for eye contact. He kneads the floor like a baker kneads dough when I pet him. And then the energy and zip kicks in and he is zooming around the house like a racecar driver without a car! He loves the cat dancer and other toys on a string that he can chase, but also spends countless minutes diving in and out a paper bag hoping to catch some mysterious prey within. After he is pooped out, he'll come and sit next to me on the couch and when I spend extended time at home (such as on the weekends), he happily will crawl up on my lap and fall asleep. Ed and I feel so fortunate to have been allowed to take him into our home. You and your family have done a wonderful job teaching him not to use his claws to scratch people and not to bite hands (I was amazed!). He has brought an incredible amount of happiness to our lives. Thank you so much!


Sweetheaven Benny

March 11, 2008
Hey Connie,

Her name will be Sweetheaven's Maynard. She is doing wonderful, I'm very happy with her. I'm sending some pictures. She enjoys sleeping on my keyboard and is fascinated by anything that moves on my computer screen.

Thank you very much,

Sweetheaven's Maynard

April 2, 2008
Hi Connie and Robert,

Here are some pictures of the blue mitted boy we adopted from you. He has completely made himself at home now. We named him Shin-Chan after my favorite cartoon character. He's really active and eats like a little pig, gets along well with the other cat, and he is such a sweet and cuddly purr monster. We are so happy to have him. Thank you so much for everything.
Grace and Martin

Sweetheaven Shin-Chan

May, 2008
Dearest Connie & Robert,

Where do we begin? After having two heart aching experiences and having to relinquish those kitties back to the breeders, we never thought we would find the perfect playmate for our Toby MAC.

I believe that “things happen for a reason”. And “patience is a virtue”.

With that said, we have been the lucky “first” family to have Sweetheaven Ragdolls deliver a kitten to us via a pet friendly transportation. Prior to Sophia, Sweetheaven Ragdolls were never shipped for very understandable reasons. I inquired if we could possibly make this work to both our advantage and God willing, the opportunity was there for both of us to give and receive. The experience of the “pet friendly” transportation was superb and ran without any glitches. In our case, we were on opposite ends of the country (Ramona, California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Sophia arrived in meticulous show condition with her own toys; food and fleece mat so she felt comfortable during the flight. All the while attended by a person the entire time and never left out of the caretaker’s sight. She immediately felt comfortable with us while giving us “happy” paws when we switched her to our carrier for the ride home in our car. One week later, we got a surprise follow-up phone call from the caretaker wanting to check to see how Sophie was adjusting to her new home. Connie and Robert had to be ecstatic when she stated that she wished all her transport kittens were like Sophia due to her excellent temperament. Not only did we hear from the caretaker, Connie and Robert took the time from their busy schedule to chat with us on the phone (just to keep in touch and not just about Sophia but also our dear Toby MAC).

Our beloved “show quality” cream lynx mitted girl was love at first sight. This was all done strictly via emails & photos so you can only imagine the hundreds of questions that I had for Connie. Most breeders get discouraged and impatient with a person like me who ask questions but Connie was completely the opposite. She is the ONLY breeder that has been so kind and dedicated to honestly answering each and every one of my concerns during the interviewing process (which by the way, this was an interview for us by her and also an interview of the cattery for us via the Internet). This did not happen overnight, one week or even one month. I value a breeder who will take the time to interview a family to assure that her babies are going to be placed in a forever and caring home (this was something that I also looked for when choosing a breeder ~ one who actually “did” a family interview.

As I mentioned that patience is a virtue, we waited a long time for this transaction to occur due by helping Connie locate the pet friendly transportation as well as waiting for her to be spayed and cared for afterwards. Connie took the time to email me the day before Sophia was spayed and when she arrived home to let me know the up-to-date news of her condition of doing well after her surgery. As a long distance Mom-to-be, I was anxiously awaiting the emails as Connie typed them. We were so reassured knowing that Connie has a veterinarian assistance certificate, and she would be the perfect person taking care of our baby that was still in her hands.

Connie goes the extra mile when it comes to her kittens, which I refer to as her “babies”. Connie’s expertise in breeding along with her loyalty for the betterment of the Ragdoll breed shines through even though we actually never got to visit her cattery in person. If I were to describe Sweetheaven cattery, the words would be: ethical, experienced, trustworthy, outstanding, honest, personable, professional, praiseworthy, friendly, and conscientious. Also, with the utmost integrity that would insure an invaluable transaction of purchase between the breeder and the buyer.

On yet another positive note, Sweetheaven Ragdolls will be available to answer questions AFTER the purchase. I have been promised this statement numerous times via our many emails. She actually encourages photographs sent to her so she can share in seeing her babies as they mature.

My hubby and I were thrilled when we got the care package in the mail for our little princess before she even arrived. And so was our dear Toby who thought it came for him! Maybe he thought Sophia was supposed to jump out of the box! <GRIN Not only does she sell you a magnificent kitten, she supplies you with food, toys, bedding and entire packet of V-E-R-Y detailed information. The information included her registration paper, certified pedigree papers that listed many generations of her championship lines, and all of her medical information (valuable tool for our local veterinarian). Also included were instructions on the food that Sophia previously ate so we knew exactly what to purchase to make the transition as comfortable as possible and quite easy for us to follow. Connie sent a list of plants to avoid that are poisonous, and also the detailed information about “why” not to declaw your kitten. We also believe this is cruel, unsafe and absolutely unnecessary so we were thrilled to sign a contract reading that she did not allow the kitten to be declawed. THANK YOU CONNIE for making all of your kitties experience a healthier life in our world by educating your clients. No kitten deserves to be disfigured or tortured by an unnecessary operation.

Deciding upon a name for our noble kitten was so very difficult. I had a gazillion names and finally decided that the most appropriate registered name would be “SWEETHEAVEN Crème de la Crème. She definitely is the cream of the crop, the best flower in the bouquet, and what we would consider a “chosen” prize to have blessed our family. “Chosen” meaning that Connie took the time to consider our current active Ragdoll kitten and made the correct selection appropriate for him due to their compatible PURR-sonalies!

Again, back to the statement of “patience is a virtue” and when purchasing from Sweetheaven Ragdolls, we can assure you that you will also get the BEST ~ just as we have!

Sweetheaven Ragdolls have pawsome PURR-sonalities!

Happily ever after ~ heart felt thanks,

Janice, Bob, Toby MAC (M=most, A=amazing, C=cat) & Sophia Lynn (formerly Yoda)

“Sweetheaven Crème de la Crème


Hi Connie and Robert, this is Ivan and mary elsa. Apps is doing great his really looks alot like his father now. I'll send u some pics soon. We were interested in another kitten and noticed that u are expecting another litter some time soon. We would love to get another kitten from you if it would be possible. Please let us know if it might be a possibility.

Thanks, Ivan and Mary elsa


Hey Connie,

May's doing great. She is a very awesome and adorable cat. She's usually flopped down on the table or in front of the dishwasher. We got her a water fountain because she was always trying to get in the toilet. Now when she's done playing with a toy she'll drop it in the fountain and watch it swirl around in the water for hours. We've learned not to leave drinks around, she loves to stick her feet in them and usually that ends with your drink all over the floor. She seems to think that there is something magical under every carpet in the house and she must get at it. Thank you so much for her. She is very loved and a joy to have.

Thanks again,

June 29, 2008

Connie and Robert,

I wanted to give you an update on the girls. Beehive Honey Bee and Sweetheaven Busy Bee (Bizzie) are doing well. I am happy to say they have adapted to their new home easily. They have made themselves at home picking their favorite places on the sofa or in my closet. Although they are never very far from me at any time. I can always count on a welcoming committee when I come out of the bathroom.

Connie, you were not kidding when you said the kitten was a bowl of cherries. She's so much fun to watch her entertain herself. Her favorite toy to date is a tyvek race bib that I was given for the Race for the Cure. We play fetch with it all the time. Honey Bee prides herself by showing me the little crocheted toy she "captured" by verbally getting my attention. Bizzie and Honey play together all the time with Honey being the dominate girl and Bizzie always giving her that respect. However sometimes Bizzie will stalk Honey, jumping out at her then running in the opposite direction at the same time.

I have so appreciated all your guidence making the transition for the girls so easy. And I know I can call on you in the future for any questions I may have.

Thank you Connie for these sweet beautiful babies.


Sweetheaven Buzzy Bee

Beehive Honey Bee

July 5, 2008

Oh, Connie, we couldn't be happier with Little Benny! He weighs over 11 lbs, but is not fat, just big! He has a lot of kitten energy, and zips and zooms around the house in the morning like someone who has had 2 espressos! My mom is visiting this week, and she and Benny have become best friends because she stays home during the day and plays with him. He is such a beautiful cat--many people who meet him for the first time are spellbound by his good looks. He likes to come on my lap in the evening and sit and be stroked. He also likes to sit on my lap when I am on the computer--it keeps me nice and cozy! We are so happy with him, and thank you and your husband for raising him during his early years and providing him such affection!


July 28.2008

Hi Connie! It's Russ and Liz. :) We wanted to write a testimonial for your web page to thank you for everything that you did for us in our kitten search... so here it is if you'd like to use it along with some pictures to post. :)

Connie is wonderful! Although she did not have any kittens available at the time we first contacted her, she selflessly went to work contacting other breeders until she found the perfect kitten for us - Denver. She is extremely knowledgeable about the breed, was always willing to answer our numerous questions, gave us great advice, and is simply a great person. In addition, she has been available since bringing Denver home and we find that to be an invaluable resource. And for that reason, we feel that not only have we gained a great addition to the family with the kitten, but a friend as well.

Russ & Liz


Hey Connie just wanted to let you know that Chancho is an extremely good boy, a little wild yes haha, but very good. Thank you for the great experience in dealing with our new addition. Also I think my parents are falling in love with him already so maybe in the future they will be contacting you about getting a kitten from you. I'll send you pics of Chancho in his new home as soon as I get the chance.

Oct 27, 2008

The rumor is true, we got a kitten!!!!

Not just any kitten, but the greatest ragdoll kitten around. He is such a sweet little thing. He's very curious and cuddly with big blue eyes. His favorite spot is under the coffee table or up on the couch. He already learned how to use the litterbox in less then 24 hours. We are finding that he does like power cords, so we have to watch him all the time.

I have attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure. They don't even compare to how adorable he is. I will keep my facebook updated with new photos all the time. I am a very proud parent and need to show him off.

Thanks for living life with us!

Sweetheaven Paisley



Hi Connie! We are absolutely ADORING our new kitty! My wife has affectionately named him Paisley. He is a true kitten - a little mischief maker - but he has such a sweet loving side, as seen in the picture where he is laying on my lap. That picture was taken the day after he came home (Monday)!

Anyways, thank again, and I'm sure I'll be asking you questions as they come up. In fact, here's one: What do you do about their love for chewing up wires?


Sweetheaven Paisley


Hello Connie!
Lilly Belle is doing so incredibly well! She only seemed a little
uncomfortable here for the first day, and by the first night was
sleeping in my bed with me! She talks all the time and comes and sit
with me. I'm so amazed by how fast she got used to her surroundings.
She certainly is a character. I haven't had any problems with her at



Hi Connie,
The girls are wonderful . They have bonded well with me. They tell me that they are ready to come out and explore so I have the house all safe for them. I close the doors to all the other rooms and let them walk around for about 10 minutes. They really like Jake. He has to come in with me each time I enter the room to clean up, feed them, play and just check up on them.
Serena played the role of protector to her little sister for a few days but not so much now.
Periodically she jumps on him and that really freaks him out. He has not been aggressive at all with them. She loves to tease and Lacey just ignores him. I love it.
They are eating well and pooping each and every day. They have their own boxes.
They play, play and love the toys you sent.
Lacey is so sweet. They both jump up on me, purr and enjoy being petted.
I'm so enjoying them but will be happy when they can move around freely.
I gave my cleaning lady all my beautiful indoor plants today but it is worth it.
The girls are thriving. I know that you're happy to hear this.. You have done such a good job preparing all of us to a long and happy life.

Love you and thank you again. Irene

HI, Connie.

I hope my mom's email didn't scare you too much. We have been enjoying these kitties so much that she couldn't send the email without some humor.

I can't even begin to describe how happy we are. These kitties are so adorable and precious. Even the first day, they were rubbing up against our legs and purring. And their cute little meows are absolutely adorable. My dad has joked that Butterball's Indian name would be "Talks A Lot". Even my nephew, upon first seeing her, commented that she talks a lot. And an added bonus is that Jay Jay is now talking more. He has always been pretty quiet. He's a little nervous right now, so he is purring more (and louder), and licking my arms a lot.

Both girls found they like the dining room chairs. They can curl up on the soft chair! s, with the cover of the table, and just hang out. When we call to them, they usually come out. They've both checked out my room in the basement. Mercedes likes to go behind my headboard. Butterball found a nice empty shelf behind my printer. She also likes to sleep on my computer chair, and also on the floor next to my bed. She has spent most of the last two nights in my room. She looked very offended the first day when I wouldn't let her follow me down (I hadn't closed off the laundry room yet).

Mercedes loves the couch. She'll curl up next to anybody there. She was all over dad a few times. He is really surprised to have cats who like him from the beginning. They sure do know how to suck up properly :) Butterball prefers the love seat. Both like the new tunnel my sister gave me for Christmas. They both play in it on their own. Butterball found a plastic ball on Christmas. I missed the photo, but she was carrying the ball around! and meowing. It was really cute. I think she lost the ball under the treadmill, so I bought some more today.

I am amazed at how well they are adjusting. I was expecting them to hide a lot more, and keep to themselves. I figured Butterball would be extra spooky for quite some time. But they have really been doing well. They have been checking everything out, and seem pretty happy. They don't have any problems with the dogs, and our other cats have been spookier than them.

Mom has been having fun with their names. I think she is currently calling Butterball "Butter brickle". We've also joked that she is more of a ham than a turkey. I hope to get a bunch of photos up tomorrow. She is just so cute.

My parents like Jay Jay, and he is a reall sweety, but they are really falling in love with the Ragdoll breed with these girls. We can see all the traits of Jay Jay's that are definitely Ragdoll, such as the trill sound he makes and the ragdoll flop. But he had a bad beginning. He was left outside a lot, and I suspect he didn't get much hands on loving. He clearly bonded with me, but even so, was slow to let me hold him and really love him up. I think being hugged was new to him, and while he liked it, he was afraid to admit he liked it in case he lost it. He didn't understand that he was a keeper. And he was much much slower with other people. My parents could barely get a hand on him to pet him. He would walk just close enough for them to barely touch him, but not get a grip. He looked offended if they didn't try, but didn't want them to succeed either. These two are much cuddlier and open to attention from everybody. And just downright adorable.

They are both even better than I had hoped for. I don't understand how that email back in April caught me, but I am so glad I didn't give up on the idea. These kitties are going to bring us a lot of joy over the years. They've already had a great start. My mom is fascinated by them, and my dad is talking about them a lot too.
I'll get the contract in the mail to you on Monday. And I will post t o the Ragdoll list soon. I want to get a bunch of photos up as that will be the first thing people ask for. I'm going to attach a photo of Butterball on Christmas. We had a pile of wrapping paper in the middle of the room as we opened our gifts. She jumped in and made herself comfortable.


Thank you again.

Echoglen Dancing on Blue Clouds

Sweetheaven Butterball Angel

Sweetheaven Butterball Angel
aka Butterball due to being born on Thanksgiving Day


Dear Connie and Robert,

We adopted two precious angels from you, Chewy and Vader. These brothers have done so well adapting to us and their new home. John and I cant thank you enough for all the care you gave them. Vader's personality has really opened up with his brother here with him. Chewy is such a clown its fun to watch him go crazy!

Connie and Robert gave us two great care packages that included medical history from their great grand parents to their mother and father, food, kitten guides, and toys. These brothers were also neutered before we got them which was a big relief on us.

The brothers are sweet boys and we are so lucky to have them!
Thank you,

john & jenitta
Santee, Ca

Sweetheaven Chewy and Sweetheaven Vader


Hi Connie,

Well, Bubbles is doing great! Her and Mitch get along just fine. They love to play with each other. Mitch is such a good sport. He took immediately to her. I think he thinks she's beautiful. The first time he saw her, he wasn't scared or timid at all. He tilted his head to one side looking curiously, walked right up and sniffed her and they've been best friends ever since. Sometimes they even sleep next to each other.

Bubbles loves to sleep under the covers with her head out and resting on my arm at night. She loves to sit on Brians (fiance) shoulder while he sits on the computer. I attached some pictures I took of her last week. She is so cute.

I received her registration certificate. They took my first choice for her name.....Sweetheaven Beautiful Bubbles.

Hope you had wonderful holidays and I'll send you more pictures of Bubbles in about a month.


Sweetheaven Beautiful Bubbles



Hi Connie!

I'm finally sending you a picture of the kitty. We named him Caspian. The name comes from The Chronicles of Narnia book series. One of the books is named after it's lead character Prince Caspian. My son loves the series and we thought the name fits! I also joined the yahoo group you mentioned.
Caspian is doing great, a lot of fun and full of love. He is by far the coolest cat I have ever had the pleasure to be owned by.

-K. Harner

Sweetheaven Caspian



Hi Connie,
Kanga is doing wonderful.
We when to my parents house for dinner last night. Kanga was in the center of everything.
She has a safe zone of the laundry room, where she goes to sleep, but if we call her
she comes out and spends time with us. My Dad has brushed her each day. They are going to be good friends. When we got her home, I stayed with my Mom and Kanga, and my Dad went to PetCo and got her food, cat litter and new cat litter box and a new kitty bed for her. She had him at the first MEOW:)
She is a little afraid of my Mom's wheelchair but she will get use to it.
She will be their new child and they will take great care of her.
Thank you for letting her go to their home.
I will keep you updated on their progress together.
thanks Nancy Peters

April 1, 2009

Connie and her kittens are truly blessed from heaven. Connie is a wonderful, generous, and loving person who cares greatly for her kittens. She is consistently available for questions and has always been with us throughout our kitten search. We simply cannot express how grateful we are to have found Connie and her cattery.

We were fortunate enough to bring home Denali, named after the mountain in Alaska, from Sweet Heaven Ragdolls and are so very happy. She quickly bonded with our one year old baby boy ragdoll, Denver, and the two have become companions and playmates. Denali is happy, healthy and the epitome of the ragdoll breed. She is a full of energy purr-box, follows us around the house, flops, sleeps by our heads at night, chases and brings us her favorite pink squishy ball, and overflows with love and affection.

Sweet Heaven Ragdolls is a blessing.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Russ & Liz (Carlsbad, California)

Sweetheaven Denali


Hello Connie,

It’s been a week since we brought Dee Dee home. He is such a sweet, wonderful, and playful kitten. He hasn’t caused any problems around the house at all. We very much enjoy having him around. You are right, Dee Dee purrs a lot and he gives kisses. My parents were never fans of cats but they too have already been won over by him. Brian and I look forward to coming home every day. Thank you so much for doing such a superb job tending to him after he was born. I don’t think he would have turned out so great if not because the environment and the care you provided for him. I highly recommend people who are interested in having a Ragdoll to check out Connie. Please do not buy pets from pet stores. Getting a healthy and happy Ragdoll cat from a professional and responsible breeder like Connie is the best way to go.
Best regards,
Alice and Brian

Sweetheaven Dee Dee



Hi Connie and Robert,

Viper 2 is so sweet! We all absolutely love him.
How is Rocky? Chandler is so anxious! This is absolutely the best thing we have ever done for our kids.
All our best,
Bettina & family

Sweetheaven Viper 2 


Dear Connie and Robert – Hummer/Ike is fabulous! (We named him Ike) He is perfect in every way. We can’t imagine life without him. Here is a testimonial — Best, Kim

We thought about getting a small dog but that didn’t seem like the right thing. Then we found the solution. A RAGDOLL a dog in a cat’s body and no barking! We found Sweetheaven Ragdolls through a recommendation --- Connie and Robert are amazing. They are very serious about their “kitties”. They gave us their time freely and spent hours educating us about the ragdoll breed. They also helped match us up with the right kitten to fit our family.

We adopted a blue-mitten male named IKE. He is already 11 lbs at 6 months! He’s healthy, sweet and playful and very social. He loves to snuggle and purr; he is on my lap purring as I write this. We all love him and only wish we had found the ragdoll breed and Sweetheaven Ragdolls sooner. We visited other breeders and there is no comparison — Connie and Robert truly are passionate about the Ragdoll Breed and their kitties. We cannot recommend them highly enough and would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in adding a truly wonderful member to your family.

Kim, Phil & Dareos,
Escondido, CA
April 26, 2009

Sweetheaven Ike


Garnet is doing extremely well. He eats very well and he's already gained 12 oz.
in only two weeks. He's full of energy... as we say in Japanese, "He's very Genki."
Yes, he is very active, very curious and a little mischievous, but a very funny boy.
He is very playful and is especially good at "soccer."

One thing we're surprised with most is his fearlessness. He's unlike a typical cat.
He got used to our house after only a few hours, and he's acted like he’s been here
for five years since his first day.
He started playing hide and seek with our the other cat on his second day.

On the other hand, he is an affectionate boy.
He always follows us and loves being petted. He shows his belly as soon as we pet him.
Since he is always under our feet, we put a collar with a bell round his neck.
Actually he doesn't hate it. He actually doesn't even notice it.

At last, I appreciate Connie who trained him.
He uses a scratching pole and a litter box without having to be taught.

We're very happy to have him.
Thank you.

Jeff and Miho

Sweetheaven Garnet


Hi Connie, Thank you for the lovely time spent in your company yesterday, I could have taken home all the beautiful babies I saw.
Viper had a wonderful trip home never as much as a sound from him the entire way.
He had a good night, I really love him and early this morning took him into my bed. He rolls over all the time and gives me his belly to scratch, I know I made the right choice with him.
Thanks again for this wonderful gift.

Sandi Kagan


Dear Connie,
Viper has a new name "Valentino", Tito for short, comes when called and I understand why he was called Viper but really that boy is a lover.
He has crept into our lives and sleeps on my head muffining my hair each night. He follows me around all day and I am chatting away to him like a crazy person, at this moment he is sitting on my desk watching me at the computer, just too adorable, I really love him.
As you see by his toys he is VERY spoiled and loves it, the 6ft tree of his in my bedroom is his favorite place to sit and look out of the window at the outside world.
Please keep in touch,
Fondest love,

Ragmeister Viper 1 Of Sweetheaven



As you can see Hope feels right at home.


Soulmates High Hopes Of Sweetheaven


These are pictures of Andre, my wonderful 5 y/o blue-mitted Ragdoll from Connie and Robert Walter of Sweetheaven Ragdolls. They were taken on the 3rd day of his arrival in his new forever home.

We met him on 7th June and he came home with us on 13th June.

Connie and Robert were very warm and welcoming to us. I immediately relaxed and felt at ease in their company. We spent over 3 hours with them on our first visit, and they were very thorough and patient and kind. All they want is to make sure their Ragdoll goes to a good home. They are one of the nicest couples I have ever met, and certainly one of the best breeders in this hemisphere! They truly set the bar for other breeders, be it cat or dog or bird, etc. It really is an honour to have one of their babies.

I am very particular about choosing a breeder and will correspond with as many breeders as I need to until I find the Right one. And even then, I want to build a rapport with them before I am certain I want a 'child' from them. I do not believe in rushing such a decision, it is an investment that should never be trifled with.

But the Wonder Walters went way above and beyond my expectations, and I am so blessed to have them within easy distance.

We met a few of their adult Ragdolls, and the love for these beautiful cats is so palpable that just thinking about it now makes me all warm and fuzzy. But before we even meet with their cats, we had to disinfect our hands. They have good bio-protocols, and being a parrot owner who is obsessed about disease prevention, I was most impressed with the cleanliness, hygiene and safety of their cats and kittens.

Also before we met in person, Connie was very patient with my emails, and very prompt with her replies. She was interested in knowing me as I was interested in knowing her.

In the end, not only did we come away with a wonderful Ragdoll child, but I feel I have made a wonderful friend in Connie and Walter.

Connie, I would be very happy if you would use my email as a testimonial.

Rei Chee

Cherrytree Andre Of Sweetheaven


Dear Connie,

I am so glad you had such a wonderful time at the cat show. It must be so fun looking at all the stunning Ragdolls.

I know I have already emailed you, but just to give an update for everyone's benefit.

Andre scored a Perfect 10 for his wellness checkup. The vet was very impressed with him, and had nothing but wonderful things to say about Andre and your cattery.

He said Andre is in excellent health (thanks, Connie) with a perfect set of pearly whites (thanks, Connie!) and good weight (thanks, Connie!!) along with the most sweetest disposition (THANKS, Connie!).

He is a petite boy, weighing in at 12.13 lbs. Nothing but 100% studerific STUDLINESS.

Your vet congratulated me on such an excellent boy. Andre does you credit, Connie. He really is puuurrrrrfect. I am such a lucky person! He really is a special boy. Thank you very much, many times over, for trusting him with us.

 He is just SO darn cute! Watching him is like watching a really, really good comedy-action show.

Thank you,

Cherrytree Andre Of Sweetheaven

April 5,2010

Everyone loves Kokoro! Yes it's because he is an adorable ragdoll kitten. More importantly it is because he is a sweet, well adjusted, outgoing, confidant, and a happy kitty. Prior to finding Connie and Robert, I've had the unfortunate experience of making the mistake of obtaining a cat with an unregistered "breeder". There is a world of difference on so many levels.
Let me count the ways.
1. With an unregistered breeder you don't know what you are getting. Is your kitten healthy? Never mind is your kitten EVEN a ragdoll. At Sweetheaven, Connie is very concerned and will do her upmost to ensure that you are getting a healthy kitten or cat. For those of us who care, you will also get the family tree. ; )
2. Your kitten will be properly trained, socialized and ready to leave.
3. You leave with everything you need for the first week to care for your kitten. I didn't get this much stuff and info when I left the hospital with my kid!
4. You will have the opportunity to bond with your kitten and Connie can provide a wealth of information about training, diet, health matters, just about everything you'd need to know.
5. They aren't going anywhere. I know that Koko and I have become part of their "kitty family" .
A special note, because I hope to have myself and Koko become part of a pet therapy program. Connie has gone out of her way in helping me achieve this goal from the start. From helping me select him, to training him as a tiny kitten, to meeting me and Koko in public places, even after I took him home. Thank you Connie and Robert!
Oh! I almost forgot, they also just have the CUTEST kitty's anywhere!!!!!!! =^..^=
Ok, I'm just a tad prejudice. Follow KokoroPurrs on twitter, and FaceBook

Sweetheaven Kokoro

April 30, 2010

Hi Connie!
Things are going wonderfully, Maya is SO friendly she'd rather be on my lap than playing with toys, so we end up playing with toys together. She's slowly getting used to Soma and Rashmi by peeking through the door at each other and swapping rooms occassionally. She's already showing her classic Ragdoll breeding by wanting to be with me all the time and being a little limp noodle when she's sleepy. I took some pictures for you and wrote a testimonial:

"Maya is cuddly, adorable, polite, and just plain perfect! She's already showing so much of the wonderful personality Ragdolls are known for and I couldn't love her more. Thank you so much Connie for all the care and attention you put into your cats, and for all the wonderful correspondence you kept with me to help me through the adoption process. Your passion and love for what you do shines through, and your cats are well socialized and amazing!"


Sweetheaven Maya

May 3, 2010

Hi Connie, Robert,

Moosy is doing just fantastic. He has the whole guest bed room and suite to himself, actually I sleep in there now until he gets ready to wander the whole house. He sleeps by my side, or on my hip. Connie you are correct he does play this little game where he wants you to stroke him then he pulls back, if you stop he nibbles your hand until you stroke him again. He purrs at the drop of a hat, he is so happy. We did "show" him to the other two cats but just briefly, I will make this a very slow process. He really does want to get out of his room, he is an explorer for sure. You raised a wonderful cat, thank you. I will be sending pictures (As soon as I can get him to stay still for a second!)


May 22,2010

Hi, Connie. Just a short note to let you know that our Beau is doing wonderfully! He is eating just fine and adjusting beautifully! Nothing seems to phase him except the mirrors on our sliding door cupboard; when he saw his reflection in the mirror, he jumped a mile high!!!! That was this morning and now, even that does not bother him. Beau just loves to play. He is so loving. He has brought so much joy into our lives already. Thank you......................

C Worland

May 29, 2010

Hi Connie,

Maya settled in beautifully, and continues to make my household warmer and cuter. I am so incredibly happy with her, and I am in love with Ragdolls in general! The vet has given her a complete clean bill of health (not surprised at all) and everyone that has met her wants to keep her. She's gained about 2 and a half pounds just in the time I've had her! I've attatched two pictures for you. Thanks again for everything!


Sweetheaven Maya

bullet May 29, 2010

Hi Connie,
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Phoebe sure is an added joy to our family. She has such a distinct personality...very inquisitive, loves to sit right on my paper work and help me write by grabbing my pen, or helps me sort laundry by sitting in the basket. I've nicknamed her Mis CC..Mis is short for mischievous and CC is short for Crazy Cat. :)

She and Rosie our older ragdoll have become playmates, well, more like sisters, they play one minute and the next Rosie just walks away because she has had enough of Phoebe's behavior. It is very funny to watch them.

I tried to take a few pictures, but, this one is the best out of all of them. I will have my daughter take some, I am sure they will be better.

I will also go onto your website to and write a testimonial. Thank you for your email and we will be in touch periodically.


Sweetheaven Phoebe

bullet May 29, 2010

Dear Connie & Robert,                          accent Sweetheaven Vanessa and Violet accent

Where do we begin? We have had the girls - Violet & Vanessa - only a month and they are already part of our family. We have never met such well-socialized kittens! They get along with Phoenix, our 11-year old rescue cat, with no problems whatsoever. Moreover, the girls do not scratch our furniture, they use their litter boxes religiously, and are just a ton of fun! We spend much of our free time snuggled with them on the couch. They are very affectionate.

We love all your cats. Our friends enjoy hearing about the girls’ mother (Mercy) and father (Eddie). We have a couple of friends that have already checked out your website and are seriously considering adopting one or two ragdolls. We told them they could not find better cats than those at Sweet Heaven!

We cannot say enough about the quality of your ragdolls, but also about you two as people. We are so pleased that we were able to get acquainted with both of you during our visits to the kittens. It is so clear to us that you truly care that your cats are placed in loving homes.

If you are ever downtown, we would love for you to stop by and see the girls. They are growing like crazy! It appears that Vanessa is going to be bigger than Violet. Their personalities are so distinctive. Vanessa is famous for her “silent meow.” She opens her mouth and looks at us, but nothing comes out. (She actually can meow when she wants to!) Violet’s nickname is “Crystal-Lite” because she reminds us so much of our beloved Crystal who passed away in January just prior to her 20th birthday. Once again, thank you! We are so very blessed to have adopted two very special kittens from Sweet Heaven.
Sincerely, Craig & Linda

bullet July 4, 2010

Beau....Love By Cheryl, Ed, and All Who Meets Him!!!

Dear Connie and Robert,

Our precious Beau has been in our home for a little over 6 weeks. We cannot thank you enough! Ed and I give our
highest recommendation to SweetHeaven Ragdolls for anyone who is considering making a Ragdoll part of their family!

Last year, we lost our beloved Jakey....Our Weimaraner. When we lost our Sunny-boy to cancer, it was if a giant black hole was communing our hearts. I could not get another dog... Nothing could replace my Jake.

Yet, there was a loneliness in our hearts that needed to be filled. It has been almost 20 years since we have had cats in our home. I went online to find out information about the top 10 breeds of cats... and there it was....Ragdolls. The more I read, the more I fell in love. This breed sounded like no other breed of kitten that I had ever heard about!

One thing led to another and I found SweetHeaven Ragdolls. We are so glad we did! Your graciously allowed and encouraged us to visit your home and cattery many times to let Beau get to know us and for us to get to know him. Your home and your cattery are a testament of your love for these wonderful animals. Cleanliness, wonderful accommodation for the animals, and a loving touch are seen everywhere. Kittens are nurtured, play in the "Kitten Room," and gentle talented in the art of scratching posts, litter boxes, etc. providing a seamless transition to their new home.

Beau is amazing! He is so full of love! He is like no kitten we have ever known. He is not aloof, he is a confidence companion. He
loves to play, be held, and for his soft rabbit-like fur to be brushed. He does not mind his Kitty halter and loves his walk his evening walks. I should say, he is still "a kitty in training"..... At first we carried him, but now he is starting to walk on a leach!
One of his favorite pastime is to go through his "kitty door" and into his " Kitty cottage" that we built for him on the patio! Beau has the softest most polite "mew" and the most " gorgeous" purr in his own way says, "Hello" and "I love you, too!"
Someday, it is my hope that Beau will enjoy being a Therapy Cat so that wonderful essence that is our Beau will be able to
bring a smile to those in need.

In short, our dealing with SweetHeaven Ragdolls and our wonderful new member of our family, Beau has been purr-fect! That
"black hole" in our hearts is being mended by our "Ray of Sunshine Beau." Again, to anyone out there considering where to get the Purr-fect Ragdoll, my husband and I give our highest recommendation to SweetHeaven Ragdolls!

El Cajon, Ca.

bullet Aug.6,2010

I've known Connie and Rob Walter for several years now and have always known
that they always provide wonderful care for their pets. When Connie opened
her home and heart to breeding Ragdoll cats, I knew that she would educate
herself about every aspect of cat breeding as she did with her other
critters. She put her whole heart and head into the cattery and has the
most wonderful environment for breeding, raising and caring for all ages of
kitties. When friends and the parents of my fairy god child, Melody,
expressed an interest in getting a cat, I immediately thought of Connie.
After months of discussion, mulling and checking out whether or not Melody
was ready for a real live kitty and visiting Connie's cattery, Connie called
to tell me that she had the perfect for John, Lori and Melody. We drove up
to Connie's and met Casper. Connie has this wonderful space for the kittens
to play and be socialized in. With cat trees, kid toys, things that make
noise, things to climb on, around and through these kittens are ready to go
to an active, normal family home. John, Lori and Melody took this kitty to
their home on a Friday and invited me over to visit on Sunday. When I
walked into that home I saw a happy, active family with a 2 year child, 2
dogs and a kitten that made himself very much a part of that group. Casper
is active, curious and basically bomb proof. Melody's toys, the dogs,
dinner prep, visitors.nothing fazes this kitty. A more perfect match for
this family could not have been made. Connie did a great job of raising
this kitten. Thank you Connie - from a very grateful Fairy God Mother.



bulletAug. 8, 2010
Sorry for the delay in getting this to you; we wanted to hold off on sending the testimonial until we had managed to come up with a name for the kitten, and it proved much harder to find one that was 'just right,' mainly because he really is such a perfect cat, we felt he deserved a name that both befit him, and was approved by Melody. In any case, the following is for your website:

Our daughter Melody has been obsessed with cats since she was an infant; so much so that her fourth word was 'Kittycat.' At the recommendation of Joella Cunnington - close friend, fairy godmother to Melly, and dog trainer extraordinaire - our family of three visited the SweetHeaven Ragdoll cattery last October. We ultimately decided to wait until Melly was a little older, since we thought it probably wasn't possible for a cat to tolerate - much less become a best friend to - an exuberant, cat-obsessed 2 year old.

When Joella told us recently that the Walters had hand-selected a 5 month old kitten specifically for our family, we were very grateful that they had thought of us, but remained a bit skeptical that a kitten would welcome the attentions of a toddler. Within 5 minutes of meeting him, we knew Casper was the right cat for us. He has the perfect balance of playfulness, sweetness, fearlessness, patience, and gentleness. In an entire hour of very animated play with Melly, there was not a scratch or bite on her little fingers, and it's remained so even to this day. The time and effort Connie & Robert must have spent on socialization was evident when it came time to meet our two dogs; without a moment's hesitation, he sauntered right up to them and politely introduced himself. Quite simply, we could not have hoped for a more perfect cat for our family if we'd been able to 'build one from the ground up,' so to speak.

Casper has been in our lives for almost a month now; and for him, it's been a month of a hundred toddler hugs a day and marathon play sessions, but that seems to be just the way he likes it. In an amazingly short amount of time, he has become the best friend to Melly we'd hoped he'd be, and a much-loved, cherished family member.
Thank you, Connie & Robert, not only for doing such a beautiful job breeding and raising Casper, but also for making a little girl's dream come true by knowing that he was the perfect addition to our family.
John, Lori, and Melody

bulletSept. 22, 2010
Beautiful Gracie...We just love her to pieces! She is now 6 months old and has been with us for 2 months. Gracie is so smart, funny, sweet, and sometimes wild and crazy! She made herself at home right from the start...checking out all the rooms in the house and finding the location of her litter box. Gracie is meticulous, never had a potty accident and takes great pride in her appearance! She lets me trim her nails with no fuss at all ( so happy about that!) She is playful and so healthy and greets guests when they come to visit. She has never hid under the bed...after all this is HER house! I attribute her health, social behavior, and personality to the wonderful
breeding program at "Sweetheaven Ragdolls", and to the very special love, care, and training of the kittens by Robert and Connie.
Jim and Jill

accent Sweetheaven Grace accent

 bulletJanuary 20, 2011


Conversation Between Mel (2 years) and Casper (the kitten) testimonial on  Aug. 8, 2010 from John and Lori-

  Mel: (praising, snuggling, and petting Casper)   I went into the garage to throw away a pair of jeans that were shot, and

transfer a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer.  When I came back

in, and walked into the kitchen, this ensued:

Mel:  Spider gone.

Me:  ...Spider?  What spider, Melly?

 Mel:  Big spider.

 Me:  Where's the big spider, Mel?  Should Daddy get it and let it go


 Mel:  No.

 Me:  ...No?  Why not?

 Mel:  Casper ate the big spider.

 Me:  ***speechless***

Here's the kicker, though

Mel: (praising, snuggling and petting Casper) for eating the big spider.

*pleased sigh*

accent Sweetheaven Casper and Mel accent

bullet I would like to tell anyone considering a Ragdoll from Connie and Bob at Sweetheaven that they couldn’t possibly do any better. I am very grateful to Connie and couldn’t be happier with my kitten Redford.
Connie had infinite patience with my many emails and questions prior to meeting her. It meant a great deal to me that she was happy to answer my questions and provide updates on “my boy” throughout the process. I was never made to feel like a bother. She made me welcome in her home and let me visit for literally hours!

I could not have been more impressed with the facilities for the cats and kittens or with Connie herself. It is abundantly clear that the best interest of the cats is the #1 priority in all areas. Connie provides the best possible start for her kittens and is happy to help even after they’ve gone to their new homes.

Now I must gush about my kitten Redford. He arrived home with me as a confident, happy, loving boy who was only too eager to explore and make friends with me and my 2 resident cats (not to mention any friends who visit!). He plays hard and is quite literally fearless. I’ve never seen a cat APPROACH a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to get a better look! As brave as he is – he likes nothing better than belly rubs and a warm lap to curl up in when he’s all “played out” and ready to rest. Redford greets me at the door without fail when I return from work every night and has been nothing but a pure joy and wonderful companion. I am beyond thrilled with him and Sweetheaven. I couldn’t recommend Connie any more highly. Thank you!

accent Sweetheaven Redford accent

bullet Dear Connie & Robert,
With smiles I share my testimonial of how simply sweet Emma is!
Connie, in our first correspondence you stated she was a sweet little
girl - you know your babies!  The joy Emma has added to my home has
exceeded any expectation I had when I met her.  She is a busy,
curious, loving, playful kitty.  I was amazed at how easily she
adapted to her new home - and while I thought she had bonded with me -
it turns out she loves everyone.  While she is a super cutie - her
personality is cuter!
Continued Blessings to you and Sweetheaven ~
Robin & Emma

accent Sweetheaven Emma accent

accentOct. 17, 2011

 Hi Connie,

We got home Safe and sound! Kallie had a great trip...she slept the WHOLE way
really...she would wake up a from time to time and see if I was still there...
and then go back to sleep!

She is adjusting AMAZING....she wanted NO part of staying in the bathroom, she
wants to be where the action is.. and she is running and playing and exploring!
She stays very close and follows us from room to room! We are in LOVE already!

She is happy and has had a few bites of food and water...and is doing just
great, as if she has been here forever! She even tolerated my almost 3 year old!
He was SO excited and just loves her... Kallie even chased him, and he thought
it was so GREAT!!

I will keep you posted on her progress, thank you again so much!

accentKristin and Family accent

accent Feb. 20, 2012

 Hi Connie,
 Bandit is the perfect addition to our family, so loving and adorable.  I had to put a towel on the kitchen counter in corner because he just has to supervise the cooking, but he never intrudes.  Great cat!
 If you are considering a Ragdoll companion or addition, don't go anywhere but Sweetheaven!!!  I bred, raised and showed Maine Coons for almost 16 years and Connie and Rob are the epitome of responsible, caring and healthy breeding to benefit these wonderful animals.  It is apparent that much time is invested in their purrsonalities.


accent 8 Mar 2012

Hi Connie,

I've been meaning to email you for ages but time got away from me....

I wanted to let you know that Redford has been doing wonderfully.  There
have been no hints of illness (thank God) and his appetite has been
completely back to normal for months now.
He's a bundle of energy and has a LOT to say (he's a talker)

I moved two weeks ago to a bigger place with loads of windows.  I think it
took him all of an hour to be settled in.  I'm serious!  He's a brave and
confident boy.  He set off exploring almost immediately and seemed
completely comfortable in his new home on the first day.  He has a nice
routine where he watches the birds every morning after breakfast (he likes
the birds but he LOVES eating so breakfast comes first)

It's been a couple of months since I've taken new photos.  I promise to
remedy that soon!  Until I do I'm attaching a couple from late last year so
you can see him.  I'll take new ones soon though.  He's even more handsome
(and more red) now!

I hope you and Bob are doing well.  I think of you often and am so grateful
for my wonderful boy.

Hilary (and Redford too!)

accentSweetheaven Redford accent

accent April 22, 2012

Hi Connie and Walter,

We just wanted to send you an update… Kallie Kat is doing just great! she is HAPPY, Healthy and a love! She is such a Sweet Sweet Sweet girl, she loves the kids, and is never far from me or my Daughter… they are quite a pair and they are the EXACT same age… so growing up together is fun for them!

Her Color is really starting to come in… she will be 10 months in just a few days, she is still very light but her colors are developing and you can see where she will be darker… we are just so in love with her and she is a PERFECT addition to our family!

We sure hope the Spring finds you well and that you are having a great 2012!

We will keep you posted in the future with more pictures!

Thank you SO much!
Kristin Evans and Family

P.S. We did get her paper work as well! FINALLY! ;)

Sweetheaven Kallie Kat

accentJuly 6,2012

Hi Connie,

I can’t believe our Jessie is almost 17 months.  You always told me it takes up to two years for the Ragdoll colors to come in.  Wow – what a difference from the day we brought her home to now.  After our Abyssinian cats passed on, Dan and I ended up watching a marathon session of Cats 101 on Animal Planet.  We knew we wanted another cat and definitely wanted a hearty breed.  We zeroed in on the Ragdoll cats and Googled breeders in the San Diego area.  Once we came upon your website, we knew our Ragdoll had to come from Sweetheaven Ragdolls.  We learned so much from your website alone; but after choosing our Jessie, I learned even more from you during my weekly visits to check on Jessie’s progress.  You were always so patient with my numerous questions, with my desire to come up and see the kittens as soon as possible after their first shots, and with our exuberance to bring Jessie home.  Jessie has been such a joy from day one.  We knew she’d be healthy, and with all the information you provided when I finally got to bring her home, you made her transition to our place so easy.  She remains a healthy girl, active and playful, and so beautiful and loving.  Our Jessie is a talker, and we love that.  She chirps to wake us up in the morning, yells when she’s displeased (she doesn’t like to be locked out of “any” room), and especially likes to tell me when she’s ready to be brushed, which is several times a day.  We absolutely love her!  We’re so thankful for you and Robert and what you have created with Sweetheaven Ragdolls.  If we ever have a need to board our Jessie, we would only leave her with you.  We loved having you stop by to see how our girl was doing, and then again to give Jessie her one-year vaccination.  Thank you!


Linda and Dan


Hi Connie,

I meant to send this to you right after we bought the cat tree from the Del Mar
show but never managed to get it out. I just came across our previous e-mail
exchanges and wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how wonderful
Champion is doing. She is now over a year old and she is the best addition to
our family we could ever have hoped for! :) Hope all is well with you.


Maria Laine



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