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Our Precious Angels  



 Our kittens have fabulous temperaments.  Few of our Cats have been certified as therapy cats as well as been in TV commercials. We only breed our Queens Once a year

We do not allow anyone to meet the kittens till after they have had their 1st vaccine injection. We will be happy to sent pictures till you can meet them.

Please contact us to be put on a waiting list. We take people on the waiting list first.

We are currently breeding for a red litter. 

March 12, 2023

Seal bi color: male: Adopted- Lori

Blue bi color: Female: Adopted- Kevin


Sorry all adopted

Jordan x Adam

March 1, 2022

Seal bi color lynx: male adopted

Seal bi color: adopted

Seal bi color: female: Adopted Adelynn

Blue bi color: female : Adopted

Seal bi color - adopted

Blue bi

Sorry: All adopted.

All blue mitted. Some have the lynx pattern and some are non/ lynx.

1 blue mitted lynx with ghost spot on the nose: adopted; Ashley 

1 blue mitted: male: Eden

1 blue mitted: adopted

1 blue mitted lynx: adopted; Michelle

1 blue mitted lynx:female- Debbie

All adopted.

Sweetheaven Amy and Sweetheaven Salas: June 5,2021

1 blue lynx colorpoint: male 8 months old. AVAILABLE 

Linda and Willow

1 blue mitted male: Adopted

Esther and Salas

1 seal mitted male: Adopted-Joella

1 blue colorpoint male: Adopted-Joella

1 blue male mitted-Adopted-Eden

1 blue lynx mitted female: staying here

Willow x Eugene born Oct. 1, 2022

Red male: Adopted- (Marilyn) Going to be a therapy kitty.

Blue mitted male: gonna be a nice size boy. Very stocky. Adopted (Marilyn)Blue lynx bi color 

female: Runt- this girl is going to be very pretty. Her markings are perfect and very striking. She is a purr box and very playful. Adopted

Blue bi color male: Adorable boy and very sweet. Adopted

I am SO impressed with the temperament of this litter

Great Grandpa was Supreme Grand Champion Celticragdolls 

Pantera. Anyone who knew Pantera would say that he had the ideal temperament of a Ragdoll. The Judged were so impressed with Pantera. They would turn him over and rock him like a baby.

At the time I was showing Pantera, reds were not a color of choice for the show hall.

Pantera took the show being a lynx, colorpoint and a red. Wow! He passed his personality to his offsprings.

BORN March 1, 2020

Retired Cats:

Please contact us if you are interest in one of these retired cats.


Lydia- seal lynx mitted - Born 9-15-14 Spayed and up to date on vaccines and worming

Soon to come:


Esther-seal colorpoint

Halo- lilac colorpoint

More to be listed 

 Please read Winn Feline Foundation-Early Age Altering -http://www.winnfelinehealth.org/Pages/Early_Age_Altering_Web.Pdf. Our Retired Breeder cats will also be altered before leaving our home. We allow them to leave 4 weeks after they have been altered as it takes them longer to heal. The Males are still fertile 4 weeks after they are neutered. Older Females do have a harder time when they get spayed.

We have a NO DECLAW Policy. Onyechomy is the surgical term for declawing. Declawing is a very painful procedure when the toes are amputated to the first joint of their paw. It is cruel and inhumane. Many cats that have their claws removed do not heal properly and have a lifetime infection or tenderness. It can create other bad habits, as their feet no longer feel natural to them. SAVE A PAW DON'T DECLAW
Another good article is www.declawing.com.. We trained our kittens at a young age to use the scratching post. I will be happy to show you how to trim your kitten/cat�s nails when you pick them up.

When you adopt a kitten from Sweetheaven Ragdolls we pride ourselves in guaranteeing that you will get a healthy kittens.
You will receive:
2 years health guarantee against congenital and genetic defects.
2 sets of vaccinations (Modified Live)-Feline Vaccines-http://www.avma.org/vafstf/rbbroch.asp
2 worming

Registration paper (Blue slip)

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