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Looking for that Responsible Breeder can be very confusing and stressful for a Buyer.
Sweetheaven has added an article to help Buyers make the right choices. This article is only a guild line. Breeder Reputability Article.
 There are many reference to finding the right Breeder for you. I highly recommend you go to different shows. Talk to as many Breeders as you can. Do lots of research on the Ragdoll Breed.  There are lots of good resources to look for in searching  for a responsible and ethical breeder.
 Be certain that you can develop a relationship with the Breeder. This is important as you are adding a new member to your family and it will be with you for the next 15-20 years. The breeder should be available if you should ever need assistance.
Sweetheaven is Blessed to Have a wonderful Mentor to insured me that I am breeding to the Standards of Our Breed and managing Sweetheaven Cattery to be Honest and Ethical. My Appreciation and Gratitude to a wonderful Angel, who took me under her wing-
Mary Riddell- Furreal Ragdolls

I have been Bless to have several breeder friends help me get Sweetheaven Ragdolls established.
If I should not have what you are looking for, Please contact me as I will be happy to assistance to another breeder that may have that perfect kitten for you.
Here is a wonderful website to help you find a responsible Breeder. 

Jane Thompson-Celtic Ragdolls     

Courtesy of ShimmeringShimmers

The Rainbow Bridge

Poem by Paul C. Dahm
Music by Kerry Muzzey 

Flash animation by Terri Pike




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