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Our Cattery

Sweetheaven Ragdolls is a 2600 sq. foot home dedicated to our kitties. We have different rooms for different purposes:


Our studs room is 12 feet by 24 feet. This room is used for our breeding boys. The breeder boys have 6 ft. long 6 ft. tall walk in dog runs. They have their own heat and air condition. We feel this is a must to keep our boys comfortable. Our boys are let out daily, as we do not believe in "caging" an animal. Their walk in are use for their breeding purposes, “time out”, and at nighttime. This gives me the chance to monitor their well-being. Each male has their very own litter box, feeding dishes, cat post and toys. There are 2 shelves in each walk in. These walk in are completely easy to wipe down and keep clean. Made with PVC sidings. The male's housing was designed by Connie Walter.

Front door entering the stud room

Music is played 24 hours /7 days a week to hopefully “set the mood” with the Kings and Mistress. There is also an air purifier in this room to keep the air clean.

6 ft. long 6 ft. tall stud cages with the door left open for free run.

The sitting bench

Don't I look pretty? ---------------------- Such a rough life.


This is our new kitten room. Completed the summer of 2009.  The kittens go in this room which is part of our dining room. When the kittens has had their first vaccine shot at amx. 8 weeks of age, we move them in this room so they may be with us all the time. There are all kinds of toys that makes different sounds. This helps get the kittens used different noises.

We don't think they are spoiled, do you?


The Queens have a 560 sq. ft. room. They are the Heart and Soul of Sweetheaven.  We strongly feel that our Queens need more one on one personal attention. They have free run each day. At night,  they have their own enclosure with their own litter boxes, feeding dishes and toys.  They also have their own central air and heat unit as well as an air purifier.

Our Queens and kittens (when of age) are raised with our dogs.


This room is 500 sq feet. This room is used to isolate a cat when they come home from the show as not to expose any germs to the rest of the household. It is also used for newly arrived cats/kittens. It has central air and heat as well. They also have their own private TV and housekeeper and housecleaner. It has the view of our horses and goats from a large siding glass door. The picture window, which brings great sunlight, has a beautiful view of the mountains.

View of the trees and Mountains from the picture window. The 500 sq ft. isolated room was added to the main house and was completed last September 2005.
The big picture widow.
Very relaxing room.


This room is a 9x11 room where the Queen gives birth. We strongly believe this is a very stressful time for the Queen and deserves quiet. We feel at this time dogs should not be allowed, as we do not want to stress our girls. This room is our bedroom where we can keep an eye on the Queen as well as this room has a birthing monitor, which allows us to see what is going on in this room through a camera from another room. I prefer to limit my breeding and only have a few litters at a time. This allows me to give all my attention to the Queen as well as the new babies. Each Queen has their own room as we do not allow our Queen to share rooms while they give birth. A Veterinarian is always on stand by if we should ever need one. 


This room is continually changing. It is a nursery where we move the Queen to after 3-4 weeks depending on how well mom and babies are doing. This room has everything the kittens needs to learn their manners. This is the beginning of their socialization. The dogs are allowed in this room. We teach the kittens everything they need to know before leaving in this room. They are used to the vacuum, running water whether it is to be the shower or toilet flushing, blow dyers, etc. When they are 8 weeks, again depending how they are developing, they are moved to the kitten room joining the main household following their first vaccine shot. They are now raised underfoot with the whole family.


The sick room is my office room where they can have free run of the room. I can monitor them in this room. This keeps all sick cats/kittens in one room and not to expose any other cats or kittens. This room is being updated and pictures will come soon. We will be tiling this room. It will have an URI unit, miroscope and will have a vet. set up to allow us to give the best medical attention to our Precious kitties.

Connie has 2 written recommendations by 2 Specialists to go into the field of Feline Medical Reasearch.

I  have contact either by e-mail, phone or a direct person for questions, care or help.

  • Dr. David Judy DVM- our Veterinarian
  • Barbara Steele DVM- Eye Specialist
  • Brett Wildermuth DVM - Dermatology Specialists
  • Sara Ford DVM, D.A.C.V.I.M (Veterinary Internal Medicine)
  • Seth Wallack - Radiology (HCM; Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Sceening)
  • Dean Vestre DVM, DACVO (Ophthalmology)

We have arranged to have these wonderful professionals available if we should ever need them for questioning or help.

If you interested in one of Sweetheaven Kittens, please contact us by phone or e-mail us.

Robert/Connie Walter
(760) 788-7611


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