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Welcome to SweetHeaven Ragdolls

A Registered Cattery of TICA and CFA

We are located in Nampa, Idaho. We deliver to Southern California, (Near San Diego)

Our cattery is Dna Hcm Negative for the 1 gene for Ragdolls and Maine Coons.

We are breeding for 1 litter. If you are interest,

Please contact us to be put on the waiting list. Kittens get adopted very quickly 

 Welcome to Sweetheaven Ragdolls. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at our gorgeous fur babies from champion heritage.

 We are a small closed cattery located in the Nampa, Idaho. We relocated from Ramona, California. We are transporting our kittens from Idaho to Southern California. We make trips to Southern California to see our family and will be happy to bring you a precious kitten.

Sweetheaven Ragdolls got the name from the “Sweet” temperament of the Ragdoll breed. “Heaven” comes from two meanings-one reason is making our home, “Just like Heaven” for our Ragdolls and the other reason is for " Our Trusting in the Lord" to protect the superb cattery and cats. We have strong Faith in our Savior and without him, there would be no Sweetheaven Cattery. One of my favorite verses is:  "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me." Philppians 4:13. 

Sweetheaven Ragdolls is a special place where our kitties are our babies. Our’ children are grown and have moved out. Connie works full time taking care of Sweetheaven Cattery so she can use her education for the betterment of the incredible Ragdoll breed. Robert and Connie always say, " It is the cat's house, we just live here". 

 Because Connie is so devoted to their kittens and cats, they get lots of love and personal "one on one" attention on daily basis.  Sweetheaven Ragdolls are raised with the Walter's privately owned certified service dogs. This helps in creating the unique socialization process. Both of our dogs are certified Service Assistance Dogs, certified by the State Of California, who bond very close to our Ragdolls.  Our Ragdolls greet us at the door, follow us around the house, and constantly entertain us as they are a breed dedicated to pleasing their owners. Our kittens have been trained to be used as therapy cats. Our kittens have been in TV commercials.

Robert and Connie strongly believe this gentle giant of breed deserves the best, We achieve every aspect for providing for their needs. We firmly believe there are three extremely important factors to a high quality cattery. The most important is a positive, safe and clean environment. Second, is feeding a balance nutrition based food while giving attention to each and every kitten/cat due to their individual needs. Third, we personally seek our certain breeders of superior quailty which started our cattery and continue the same process to complete and stabilize the foundation which is an on going process. A cattery takes time to establish and is never finished and through efforts of hard work and education Sweetheaven Ragdolls are extremely proud of the quality of this personable cat breed.

For more information about our ragdoll cattery, please visit our cattery page.  Please see the new stud room and play room. The "Stud Hotel" was completed the summer of 2009 in Ramona, California. We are currently building the same rooms in Nampa, Idaho. We have remodeled our Birthing room to add wooden floors and a wash room. The birthing room has it's own feeding area if any kitten shall need to be bottle fed or need any special care. We will be adding a new kitten room for the Queens and kittens can play right off of the birthing room. 

 Our medical room will soon have the additional medical equipment ICU unit, uri unit and many different medical features. Pictures coming soon on this room.

Our success is based upon knowledge of many different kinds of Animals. We frequently attend different seminars to keep ourselves up to date on health issues and the well-being of our prized animals. Previously breeding and showing  African Pygmies goats for 18 years. From this experience, owning one goat that starred on the well known TV show, The Animal Planet.

Connie has her certification for CPR/First Aid for dogs and cats as well as being an accomplished Certified Veterinary Assistant. She has also completed courses in "Animal Behavior" in Dogs and Cats. Connie has recommendations letters from Specialists to go into Feline Medical Research.

In her spare time she assumes the position of a training assistance helping Joella Cunnington at The Uncommon Canine for training dogs. Joella Cunnington is a certified NADOI (National Association Of Dog Obedience Instructor) Endorsed Trainer, AKC Registered CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evalutor and Certified Pet Dog Trainer. Joella Cunnington-CPDT-KA website is:www.theuncommoncanine.com.

Connie felt so honored when asked to speak at the Redland ROP Veterinary Medical School on a regular basis.

Most important, Sweetheavend Ragdolls pride themselves on the environment, health and temperament of their sweet Ragdolls. Producing healthy, well-socialized kittens is of utmost importance as we feel this is what makes a well-balanced Ragdoll which includes that Sweet Ragdoll personality. We are a small cattery and we find it important to limit our litters per year.  Every kitten that leaves Sweetheaven is very special to us. If you interested in one of Sweetheaven Kittens, please contact Robert or Connie by phone or e-mail us.

Robert/Connie Walter

To contact us please call our Cell: (760) 505-6489                          

Update: 02/07/2023


Registered with: TICA and CFA

Members of: RFCI, BSDG-Breed Standard Discussion Group

                                 "Kittens are Angels with whiskers"




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